How to build a background timer in Expo/React Native

Say you want to build a simple timer in React Native and you’ve decided to use the Expo managed workflow. It’s pretty easy to do this in React.

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However, one thing you’ll run into when porting this to React Native is how this behaves when your app is backgrounded (e.g. when you press the Home button on your device). The callback given to setInterval eventually stops being called (on Android this happens as soon as your app is backgrounded). This means that when your app comes back to the foreground, it will have missed a ton of seconds and your timer will be inaccurate.

If you’re willing to eject, then you could probably use this library. But what if you don’t want to eject? This is how I worked around this issue. The code snippets below assume that the timer implementation uses the example code from above.

Nothing’s more persistent than storing things on disk. Let’s use it to store the exact timestamp when the “start” button was pressed. This looks something like this:

The idea is that when your app is backgrounded, you can assume that the timer isn’t updated. What you want to do though is to bring your timer up-to-date when your app is foregrounded. To do this, we use the AppState API. We will also use the powerful date-fns package to properly calculate difference between two Date objects. This looks something like this:

Although this properly updates the view component when the app is brought to the foreground, this definitely does not mean that anything is happening in the background. If you want to do a background task (e.g. fetch data), there is some API support for this. There are even hacky ways to go about it!

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