• Lalit Shandilya

    Lalit Shandilya

    Web Developer, Product Manager, Open Source, Startup bootstrapper, Social Media, Ruby on Rails

  • Stephen McCullan

    Stephen McCullan

  • Berkan Asanovski

    Berkan Asanovski

    Sometimes i write…

  • Kaki


  • Leo Irakliotis

    Leo Irakliotis

    Chicago-based educator and technologist with an appreciation for databases, student learning, good coding, flying, diving, espresso, dogs, REV, and Door County.

  • Carlos Brito Lage

    Carlos Brito Lage

    (Somewhat) Functional programmer. Gamer. Asimov fan. EVA-01 substitute pilot. Buddhist. Self-exiled New Yorker. Egalitarian by heart, contrarian by nature.

  • Bo Griffin

    Bo Griffin

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